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Compliance Packaging

Compliance packaging is a service available to help patients better manage their medications. Compliance packaging organizes patients' medication in an easy-to-use, convenient package. Here are some of the advantages of compliance packaging:

  • It greatly reduces the chances of missing doses or accidentally taking a double dose

  • Ensures the required medication is taken at the appropriate time of day

  • Helps Establish a daily routine

  • Over the counter medication such as multi-vitamins can also be added ensuring the patient is adherent with all of their pills

  • Helps avoid drug interactions by separating medications that interact together into different compartments

  • If a physician makes a change to a dose or changes a medication, the patient is not left with a large stock of pills they no longer need

Many patients utilize the service for a variety of reasons, they're not just for seniors! Let us help take the hassle out of managing your medications.

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