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Virtual Clinic Services 

Our walk-in clinic is a virtual care clinic. To be added to the queue to get a time for your visit please call us and speak with someone about it today. Appointments can be the same day!  We are following Covid 19 precautions when setting you up with our clinic, following any and all health care standards. 

You do not need to come into the pharmacy to set up the visit but you will need to come to the pharmacy for the actual visit. We cant provide phone appointments at this time.

Some things that can be seen are:

* prescription renewals

* sick notes

* blood test requisitions

* cold and flu 

* STD's

* Headaches and migraines

* Mental Health

Our clinic doctors are ready to see you over the computer in-store via video chats. All issues that can be seen over a screen are up to each doctors discretion. 

* Ear infections are not able to be done here.

*We can not refill Narcotics or controlled substances.

*Things such as strep throat may be seen but we do not do the swabs here so it is based on symptoms per each doctor.

We make sure that you are taken care of and receive the best, fastest, and most accurate help you need for any and all health issues. 

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