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Diabetic Management 

Managing diabetes has different and unique challenges for every person living with it. Facing it on your own can seem daunting, but you do not have to! At Guardian Pharmacy we work one on one with patients to help create an effective plan for managing your diabetes. Through education, we give patients confidence to make the right choices and maintain a lifestyle that helps decrease the severity of symptoms. Call us today at (705)874-8080 and book an appointment with our diabetic specialist!

General tips for managing your diabetes:


Make sure your glucose meter is up to date. 
Having an up to date machine ensures you get the most accurate readings. You can update your glucose meter once a year, at no cost, if you have a prescription for blood test strips! Call 705 874 8080 to learn more!

Make every meal well balanced. 
Patients can talk to a health care professional about creating a diet plan that will optimize the well being, and help manage the severity of issues. 

Coordinate your meals and medications.
Eating too little food with your diabetes medications, like insulin, Can result in hypoglycemia(low blood sugar). Eating too much can cause your blood sugar to spike (hyperglycemia). Talk to a specialist about how best to coordinate your meal and medication schedules.

Stay hydrated. 
For diabetics, drinking water can help to reduce your blood sugar (glucose) levels by diluting the amount of sugar in the bloodstream. Adequate intake of water also helps to alleviate the dehydration that comes with excess urination caused by high glucose levels. 

Store insulin properly.
Improperly storing insulin can lead to many issues as insulin is especially sensitive to temperature changes. Properly storing your insulin is imperative to maintaining the effectiveness of the medicine. 

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